Business Insurance for Small Business Owners

At a recent Meetup for the Brisbane Business Club, Grant Mason from Oraclegroup Australia, presented a fascinating and information packed session on Business Insurance – specifically targeted at Small Business Owners – and highlighting some of the tricks and traps every business owner should be aware of.

Those that were able to make it along learned a great deal about how to better manage their own business insurance needs.

Business Insurance is a VERY IMPORTANT topic for all business owners to address, and one that for the most part is badly managed if not totally ignored.  Putting your head in the sand is not going to help you if you are not properly insured.

Grant has  provided a brief document outlining some of the topics covered (as a PDF), that we have agreed to make it available to all Meetup members.  This document :

  • Describes the most important types of Business Insurance
  • Defines some of the Insurance Terms you are likely to hear
  • Outlines some advantages of using an Insurance Broker

Download your
Small Business Insurance for Small Business
Booklet Here